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Behringer 000-EIV00-00010 Black 2021

Behringer 000-EIV00-00010 Black 2021

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Versatile Studio Earphones. The SD251-CK Studio Monitoring Earphones from Behringer are high-quality, extremely versatile earphones. Whether youre mixing or recording tracks, SD251-CK earphones will deliver crisp audio with balanced highs and lows. These headphones not only sound phenomenal, but the 360-degree rotating detachable cable also gives you 63 inches of range. The secure over-the-ear design maintains comfort and stability, and supports Behringers sound isolation engineering to keep your musical experience focused and detailed. Its optimized performance and stunning sound quality are also great for a wide range of audio devices. Youll enjoy not only tremendous sound quality from the SD251-CK, but superb isolation that makes studio work incredibly focused and ultimately delivers even better production results. Behringer SD251-CK Studio Monitoring Earphones Features:. Dynamic micro-drivers provide wide frequency response (20Hz–20 kHz). Detachable cable providing 63 inches of range. Foam and silicon earplugs in 3 different sizes to cater to your comfort preference. Incredible for studio monitoring, producing, and mixing. Secure over-the-ear design for comfort and stability in any environment. Sound isolating design reduces outside clutter and creates a focused listening experience. 360° rotating gold-plated MMCX lock-snap connector allows for both flexibility and versatile connection options. Includes a zipping carrying case to ensure easy traveling .

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